Richard William Blanchard


Richard's series of contemporary abstract paintings using oil and acrylic on canvas and paper explore a visual language of fragmented landscapes, cartouches, and ruin like structures that signify inner and outer realms. The series As Above So Below focuses on rural Maine as a metaphor of protection shown in images of sleeping cradled deer in a reoccurring theme of personal homage to birth and spiritual healing. Richard is influenced by the Expressionistic compositions and Primitivism of artists such as Mondrian, Klee, and Chagall. All works reference Richard's original concept of Simultaneous Gravities and chronicle the movement of imagination and fragments of memory as they become real, symbolized in rows of trees that blossom one direction and decay in the other. With over 35 years of painting behind him, he has created a canon of techniques from a luminous and subtle color palette to a layered brushwork bridging a unified vision of hemispheres, trees, houses, stars, heavens and animals encompassing each other's worlds.